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Our mission at the Kingsbury Club is to ensure that our juniors have the skills and knowledge necessary to play and enjoy a match. Our goal, with an emphasis on good sportsmanship, is to help each child maximize their skills and talent in order to reach their full potential.

Red Ball 1 ages 5-6- 36 ft court, 19-21" racquet
Players will develop their motor skills by catching/throwing and bumping/rallying with their forehand and backhand groundstrokes.

Red Ball 2 ages 7-8 36 ft court, 21-23" racquet
Players will build on their skills by learning to rally with direction and differentiate between short and deep. Overhand serving is introduced.

Orange Ball 1 ages 9-10 60 ft court, 23-25" racquet
Players entering this level or progressing from Red 2 will continue to develop their groundstroke technique and be introduced to basic net skills and transition shots.

Orange Ball 2 ages 9-10 -60 ft court, 25" racquet
Experienced players from Orange Ball 1 will begin to develop advanced swing technique and more solid serves and returns. Point construction and improved positioning will become evident during matches.

Green Ball 1 ages 10-12 78 ft court, 26-27"
Players entering this level or progressing from Orange 2 will work on developing consistency in their groundstrokes with additional work on volleys and overheads.

Green Ball 2 ages 10-12 78 ft court, 26-27" racquet

Players will further develop their technique and game using advanced technique, solid net skills and transition shots. Point construction, strategy and improved court position will become evident during play.

Yellow Ball 1 ages 13 and up

Players interested in competing on their JV team are appropriate for this 2 hour skill building clinic.

Yellow Ball 2 ages 13 and up

Current and aspiring Varsity players will continue to develop their technique, strategy, tactics and mental game through drills and point play.