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Kingsbury Childcare Center

There is a 2 hour limit per child per day.

We want to make your child's visit a safe and rewarding experience. Please help by following our childcare guidelines. Thank you.

Please call (781) 936-0300 for reservations. We suggest calling 24 hours in advance.

Monday-Friday (Starting 6/20) 7:30am-1:00pm Monday-Friday 8:00am-2:00pm
Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-7:00pm* Monday-Thursday 4:00pm-7:00pm*
Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm
Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm Sunday 8:00am-12:00pm
*Evening reservations must be made by 7pm the night before (24 hours) to allow for adequate staffing.
one child All Inclusive Family Kingsbury Kid (AIFKK) rate
each additional AIFKK in the same family
per child Non-member rate
each additional Non-member child in the same family

Club liability and policy prohibits children from being left unattended anywhere in the club (lounge area, lobby, etc.). Children are not allowed in the Fitness Center. If the Childcare Center is not open for operation, arrangements should be made by your own private sitters. The club will not be responsible for unsupervised children on the premises if not in a club run program. Junior start age in the Fitness Center is 14 years of age. Any child not a member and under the age of 14 or not in a club run program, cannot be left unattended in the club at any time.

Reservation Policy
  • Reservations are required at all times and will be taken over the phone only. Please call (781) 936-0300. Reservations will be taken in the order received.
  • When making the reservation please leave the following information: 
    -child/children first and last name
    -arrival time and length of stay
    -parent’s first and last name
    -parent’s planned activity
    -age of child/children
    -home phone number
  • You may call up to 7 days in advance to reserve space for your child/children in the babysitting area.
  • Evening reservations must be made by 7pm the night before (24 hours notice) to allow for adequate staffing. If no children are scheduled by 7pm, the Child Care Center will not open.
  • If your children are using babysitting for the first time, please make a reservation during a nonpeak time.
  • Bookings can be made on the hour or 1/2 hour only (recommended time 1 1/2 hours, maximum time 2 hours). [Example reservation: 9am in time, 10:30am out time]
  • Reservations are not guaranteed. You will be notified as soon as possible if we are unable to process your request.
  • Please cancel your reserved spot if you are unable to use it.
  • Visiting Ladies Teams pay member rates.
Drop Off/Pick/Up
  • You may drop your child/children off no more than 5 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Your child/children must be picked up no later than 5 minutes after scheduled time or a late fee will be assessed (the per hour rate will apply).
Late Arrival Please call if you are going to be late, or you may forfeit your reservation. If there is space, your time will be extended. If you arrive 15 minutes late, your time may be forfeited to another member and a no-show fee will be charged.
Cancellations If you can not use your reserved space, please call the club as soon as possible. If we can re-book your spot, you will not be charged. If we are unable to re-book the spot, you will be charged the regular fees.
No Shows You will be charged for unhonored reservations.
  • Full payment is required at drop off time. Payment must be made at the front desk. Please hand in the Babysitting vaucher for payment.
  • Removing the child before scheduled pick up will not give you a refund.
Diaper Changing If your child needs to be changed, we will be happy to come and get you. You may return to your workout or tennis game after your child is changed.
Bottle/Food/Juicecups Bottles and juice cups are permitted, marked with child’s name. Food is not allowed in the child care center.
Toys Please do not allow children to bring toys from home. We have a well stocked toy room.
Separations Some children take longer than others to adjust to a new environment. If your child cries or is upset for more than 5 to 10 minutes, we will come to get you. We are willing to work with parents and children. We suggest you bring them for short periods of time until they are adjusted.
Sick Children No children with illness or symptoms of illness will be allowed in the Child Care Center. For everyone’s protection, children who have been kept out of school due to illness will not be allowed to stay.