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Kingsbury Club Yoga Classes


Mind / Body

As Yoga has become more main stream, we have seen an enormous amount of interest and participation in our many yoga classes at The Kingsbury Club. So we’d like to educate our members about a few things to be mindful of when participating in a Yoga class at the club.
  • Please be on time. An important aspect of the yoga class is the initial grounding and centering at the beginning of class. When missing this aspect it can directly affect how the rest of the class flows for you.
  • If you are not on time do not enter the room while the class is meditating please wait until the class has begun movement.
  • No chatting is allowed unless of course you need to ask the instructor a question pertinent to the class. Heavy sighing and giggling is allowed.
  • Yoga is a mind body experience. In order to experience this fully we ask that you plan to stay for the entire duration of the class. If you must leave early please communicate this to the instructor ahead of time.
  • Please remove shoes upon entering the studio.
  • Cell phones are not allowed in class. If you have a specific reason why you need to have your cell phone on, please put it on vibrate. Otherwise the phone should be shut off.
  • Please be mindful of not stepping on other people's yoga mats.
Please keep in mind all of these requests allow for participants to have the best possible experience in class. We hope to see you in class soon!

We appreciate your mindfulness. Namaste

BARRE, PILATES & YOGA CLASSES - all levels welcome

BARRE-LATTESA- Create long, lean muscles with this combination of Barre Pilates and strength training.

CHISEL D’BARRE- Lift your seat, tone thighs and burn fat on the barre. Active Stretching, free weight exercises and core strengthening complete this class.

EXPRESS BARRE- 40 Minutes of barre exercises to fast paced music followed by Pilates core work starts your morning off.

CARDIO-BARRE- Barre training with an additional twist of cardiovascular training. Complete with Core and Strength training.

CHAIR YOGA- Joins us for a class of stretching and strengthening in a chair with a mix of standing and balancing poses. The focus on breathing and posture will reduce stress and increase overall well-being.

CHILL/GENTLE FLOW YOGA- Totally Chill out in this stress-busting class with an emphasis on stretching and breathing to release muscle tension. Great for all levels.

CORE YOGA- This class focuses on traditional yoga practices in a supportive environment while placing additional emphasis on core strengthening.

GENTLE YOGA- This class will consist of postures designed to stretch and strengthen the body with a strong emphasis on breath and being mindful in your movements.

MULTI-LEVEL PILATES- This class is open to both the novice and more experienced Pilates student and will be a mix of both basic and intermediate Pilates moves. Exercises focus on core strength, balance, muscle stability and

POWER YOGA- A perfect way to strengthen, tone, and balance your mind and body. A dynamic Vinyasa flow of blending breath and movement will leave you energized while washing away tension.

VIGOROUS VINYASA YOGA- Coordinates yoga flow sequences with the breath. A challenging style of yoga that interweaves rhythmic movements, statically held postures, core strengthening, balance, deep stretching, yogic philosophy and meditative reflection.

YOGA- In this supportive environment ,learn how to listen to your body’s needs and respect its limitations through gentle stretching. For all levels.

YOGA FIT WITH CHAIR ASSIST- Traditional yoga postures are practiced in both a sitting and standing position. Fitness moves are incorporated to help build and maintain strength, range of motion, flexibility and balance. All postures can be modified.

YOGA/MEDITATION- Relax both body and mind by combining gentle yoga with breathing and meditation. Each student will receive nurturing assists during the relaxation.

YOGA TUNE UP - Using a distinctive set of exercises, poses and specialized techniques, Yoga Tune Up® playfully moves you into a body that looks great and lasts a lifetime With Therapy Ball Products taking you through a safe, effective workout with pain relief methods that leave you (regardless of age, experience or activity level) feeling better, stronger, happier, and more relaxed!

YOGALATES- A complete and comprehensive fusion of yoga and Pilates strengthening exercises together in a safe, effective results-oriented class. It is excellent for developing muscular definition and overall fitness.