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Martial Arts

102914 0003At Kingsbury Elite Mixed Martial Arts our students are taught American Kempo Kung Fu by Master Bruce Cadorette, a 9th degree black belt. Through Master Cadorette's instruction our students develope strength, flexibility, coordination, reflexes and timing. Students will also develope confidence and character by reinforcing self control, respect, self discipline and responsibility all while still having fun.

Classes are based on age and ability. As student progress through our system, their achievements will be recognized by first earning stripes and then new color belts.

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July 6 - August 24

Members $140 | Non-members $160

This Martial Arts program combines no contact self-defense and karate basics. Students will learn discipline and proper techniques for kicking, punching, and much more.

Uniform included for new students. Testing fees charged separately.


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Martial Arts for Kids

All classes are held in Studio A. Classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Please fill in the information on the REGISTRATION FORM sign the bottom, and return to the instructoror David Gonick ASAP to reserve your spot. Please provide a payment method when renewing.

Online registration is available through our website by clicking on the "MEMBER LOGIN" and then "REGISTER FOR CLASSES." Child must already be in our system. Please call David to register or fill out this form if child is not in our registration software. Questions regarding classes or levels please call or email David Gonick at 781-585-3883 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..