Kingsbury Club & Spa Schedules

Current Next Registration
Fitness Group Fitness 3/30/14   Registration not required
Youth Fitness 2/24-4/19/14 4/28-6/19/14 Register
Senior 9/1/13   Registration not required
Pilates 3/10-5/9/14   Register
Yoga 4/14/14   Registration not required
Adaptive Group Exercise Training eff. 11/25/13   Register
Belize Adventure Trip   4/23-4/28/14 Email Elaine Haffey
Boot Camp     Register
Club Caliente - Zumba Fitness 3/2-4/13/24   Register
Group Interval Training with Theresa 3/31-5/18/14   Register
Group Training - 8 Weeks     Register
Martial Arts ages 4 & Up 4/2-6/14/14   Register
Small Group Training 3/31-5/18/14   Register
Small Group Training 1 day/week 2/23-3/29/14   Register
South Shore Boxing: Get in Fighting Shape     Register
Student Athlete Scholarship Details    
Treadmill Circuit 3/31-5/1/14   Register
Win Win 2/18, 2/20, 2/21/14   Register
Winter Progression Cycle Class     Register
Turf Adult Performance Training Details   Register
On The Turf eff. 2/4/14   Register
Ruckus Training Classes     Register
Middle School & High School Sports Performance Training eff. 4/23/14   Register
Strength & Conditioning Schedule Eff. 3/30/14    
Aquatics Swim Lessons 2/24-4/19/14 4/28-6/7/14
Swim Team Visit
Group Exercise Eff. 2/1/14 Eff. 4/28/14 Registration not required
Master's Swim Eff. 12/1/13 Eff. 4/28/14 Register
Coached Swim Clinic 2/25-4/15/14 Eff. 4/29/14 Register
April Lifeguard Course   4/21-4/25/14  
Lifeguard Recertification   4/13/14  
Lap Lanes Available Eff. 2/3/14 Eff. 4/28/14
Cycling Cycling Schedule 3/30/14    
  Winter Progression Cycle Class     Register
Tennis Adult eff. 3/3/14 Call the Club to register
Junior 3/16-6/14/14   Register
June Tennis Camp 6/9-6/13/14
Jr. Summer Tennis Camp     Register
Spring TennisExhibition   4/11/14  
Club Tennis Championships Details    
Golf Golf Leagues     Email David Gonick
TPI Golf Specific Training 4/7-5/9/14   Call the Club to register

Welcome to Golf - Junior Golf Program

3/18-4/8/14   Call the Club to register
Golf Private Lessons   Call the Club for more info
Camp Vacation Camps:
Dec., Feb., & March
  April Vacation Camp Register
Kiddie Camp ages 3-5 Camp Info Register
The Camp at Kingsbury ages 6-12 Camp Info Register
Tennis/Activities Camp     Register
Jr. Summer Tennis Camp  
Children's Parties Birthday Parties Details Call (781) 936-0312
Pool Parties Details Call (781) 936-0312

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