Full Swing Golf

Golf Programs

Golf pods may be booked by members up to 7 days in advance. Cancellations within 24 hours will be billed. All reservations can be made at the front desk in person or by calling 781.585.3883.

The pods may be booked on 1/2 hour intervals at a cost of $20/half hour, maximum of 3 hours and a maximum of 4 players on each simulator. Guests accompanying members will be charged an additional $5 guest fee.

Customized lessons and packages are available and are booked via the golf pro.

Private Lessons

Our instructors will evaluate your golf swing, from the short game to the long game and instruct you on how to improve your game.

Group Lessons

Every golfers needs are different; our instructors will evaluate your needs and instruct you on how to improve your game.

Beginners Golf Series

Never played golf before? Played some golf but not where you would like to be?

This series will take you from tee to green, starting with the short game and working right into the full swing over 6 sessions. We will help you get from the driving range to the golf course.

Intermediate Golf Series

Looking to get to the next level? Do you feel good but can't seem to score better?

This series will completely evaluate your game. Our instructors will help you discover how to improve your game. Whether it be the tee shot, short game or course management, we will help you get to the next level.

Golf League

Compete against other teams in weekly matches. Play at different golf courses each week with varying difficulty. League matches will be played with handicap in Match Play format. League tournament to take place at end of season. [Full league play rules]

Transform Your Golf with TPI Training

In 1995 Titleist formed the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). TPI is a collection of the best fitness, medical, chiropractic, nutritional and golf professionals in the world, all working to help golfers improve their swings by improving their bodies. Through research of the professional golf swing, TPI certified instructors evaluate and measures all facets affecting performance, including strength, power, neuromuscular control, joint mobility, flexibility and balance.

Dr. Jay S. Leith is a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor and Level 2 Medical Professional offering a TPI training program at the Kingsbury Club. This program is PGA and LPGA approved, providing a golf-specific assessment including a biomechanical evaluation and custom exercise program to optimize your swing results while minimizing your risk of injury.

The best golfers in the world have made fitness an integral part of their game and have forever changed the sport. However, most amateur and recreational golfers have not taken advantage of getting their bodies in the best physical condition to play the game they love. Without correcting the physical limitations, it is often impossible to make swing changes.

Contact us to schedule a Golf Performance Evaluation today. Once we establish your golf fitness handicap you can schedule individual or group sessions at the Kingsbury Club with Dr. Jay and start transforming your golfing experience.