Only 1/10 of your body's weight is absorbed by the joints when in the water.

Kingfish Swim Team

For those kids that want to move up and be challenged at a new level, the Kingsfish Swim Team offers swimmers an opportunity to compete on a USS swim team.

Launched in September 2003 and headed by Jay Craft, former Olympic Trials swimmer and NCAA Division 1 All American, the newly formed United States Swimming team will provide all levels of swimming, from dual meets and state competitions to the 2004 United States Olympic Trials. Craft hopes to provide more opportunities for swimmers at all levels to train and compete year round.

This program will require a larger commitment from kids than the regular swim team. Participants will travel to much larger meets and compete all throughout New England and even on a national scale. Kids may, and are encouraged to, compete on both teams. Please visit the Kingfish Swim Team website for more information.